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Prophetic Declaration For Divine Favor And Testimony From God

 This morning I decree that the Lord will saturate your family with overflowing favor from above in Jesus name, wherever you go today, the Almighty God shall bless your destiny and family with mercy and success in Jesus Christ name. The supernatural power of God shall decorate your family with divine favor. The Lord of host will fill your home with everlasting blessings and miracles. May the doors of divine favor open for your family today in the name of Lord Jesus. May the supernatural power of God shower fresh favor on your family, your efforts and labor will attain great success and prosperity today, in the name of Jesus, you shall experience and enjoy dynamic progress in all your endeavors in the name of mercy Jesus. May God's favor attract divine blessings and miracles to your family and business in the name of Jesus. Blessings and miracles that are beyond your expectation will manifest and saturate your home. Today every negative and evil agenda of wickedness against your family will be crushed and shattered by fire. Great success and achievement shall come your way today in the name of the Lord Jesus. Every hardship and difficulty in your life and family shall be crushed and ended by fire in Jesus name. Today you will have great testimony on your family and business, miracles that will lead you to testify shall manifest in the name of Jesus. Your marriage shall begin to experience the supernatural power of God and your testimony will be great and wonderful in Jesus name. On your business today you will experience and encounter the supernatural power of God that will take your business to greater circle of success in Jesus name. The supernatural power of God will issue a new anointing on your family for divine favor and testimony. In every situation and circumstances you are going through, I decide you will have great testimony. Every obstacle to your success and testimony will be overthrown by fire. May the mighty hands of God bring your family to the realm of newness, betterment and good news in Jesus Christ name. Your life and business shall experience grace for betterment and newness everywhere, in the name of Jesus.

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