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Husband and wife relationship

Secrets of a Happy Family You Must Know(Part 2)

What Does God Expect From Wives?

Every family needs a head, someone to guide the family, so that they work well together .The Bible says "The head of every man is the Christ: in turn, the head of every woman is the man:in turn, the head of the Christ is God"

Every husband makes mistakes. But when a wife supports her husband's decision and cooperates with him willingly, the whole family benefits. From Biblical point of view, the wife should have "deep respect for her husband." Even if a husband does not share his wife's beliefs, she still needs to have deep respect for him. From Biblical view point, "every wife should be in subjection to her husband, so that if any of them does not obey God's word, he would be won to God through the conduct of his wife,as a result of being an eye witness to the chaste conduct of his wife who has showed him so much love and deep respect." This implies that, a wife's good example can help her husband to understand and respect her faith.

In situations where the wife disagrees with her husband, she should express her opinion in a respectful way. For example, Sarah said something that Abraham did not like, but God tod him to "listen to her." (Genesis 21:9-12). Rarely will a Christian husband's final decision, be against what the Bible says,so his wife should support him. A good wife should take care of the family. When her husband and children see how hard she works for them, they will love and respect her even more.

Sometimes, couples quickly decide to separate or divorce. However, the Bible says that "a wife should not separate from her husband" and that "a husband should not leave his wife." (1 Corinthians 7:10,11).There are extreme circumstances when couples may separate, but this is a serious decision.

What about Divorce?

From Biblical view point, the only valid reason for divorce, is if a husband or a wife has sex with someone other than his or her mate. - Matthew 19:19.

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