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Take Care of Your Body, not Everything is Spiritual

1. The STOMACH is injured when you do not have breakfast in the morning.

2. The KIDNEYS are injured when you do not even drink 10 glasses of water in 24 hours.

3. The GALL BLADDER is injured when you do not even sleep until 11 o'clock and do not wake up to the sunrise.

4. The SMALL INTESTINE is injured when you eat cold and stale food.

5. The LARGE INTESTINES are injured when you eat more fried and spicy food.

6. The LUNGS are injured when you breathe in smoke and stay in polluted environment of cigarettes.

7. The LIVER is injured when you eat heavy fried food, junk, and fast food.

8. The HEART is injured when you eat your meal with more salt and cholesterol.

9. The PANCREAS is injured when you eat sweet things because they are tasty and freely available.

10. The EYES are injured when you work in the light of mobile phone and computer screen in the dark.

11. The BRAIN is injured when you start having negative thoughts.

NB: All these PARTS are not available in the market. So take care and keep your body parts healthy. May God keep us safe in Him.

Content created and supplied by: MUMISwriter (via Opera News )



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