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Flashback: Desperate Single Women Brings Canes To Church To Flog Their “Spiritual Husbands” [Photos]

A picture demonstrating some women carrying canes during a church service makes rounds on the internet for understandable explanation.

In this church, the pastor asked the congregation to come to church with a cane, to flog the spiritual husband in their life that is delaying them for their marriage, the spiritual husband that does not want them to marry their future man. They follow the pastor lead and comes to church the a lot of cane.

Basically, the pastor is also a woman, she ordered them to come with cane because a lot of the congregations who are females have been complaining to her that they do not have any man in their life.

The photo has sparked mixed reactions from Nigerians, with some internet users criticizing the church members for trying to flog their unseen husband, people were saying how does that possible, ”you are just wasting your time and your energy on unnecessary thing” someone said.

What's your say about this matter?

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