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We need to stop insulting these men of God

What I've been seeing on social media recently is quite disheartening. 

Young teenagers and youths who don't even fully know what life is, some of them don't even know what their purpose in life is and they think they have the right to insult pastors and minsters of God who has dedicated their whole lives to serving God. 

As a believer who truly knows God and had an intimate relationship with God, if truly you think a pastor has deviated from the truth, the best and only thing you should do is to pray for them. Irrespective of anybody's mistakes, you need to keep in mind that these people are called by God and calling them rude names isn't going to help your life or future. I'm sure we remember what happened to the children that mocked Elisha. 

Once a pastor starts talking about prosperity, everyone seems to think he has gone astray. They forget all of the other things he has preaches about and focus on what is irrelevant. 

If you think being a pastor is equal to being poor then I'm very sorry for you. Men of God have every right to own their wealth so don't go off on social media to say they are not preaching on holiness but on prosperity and that is vanity. It's not like when they were preaching on righteousness and holiness, you had your ears closed. 

It's funny cause 20, 30 year pls youths think they can correct men of God who are old enough to be their fathers or even grandfathers. I mean, let's even forget that they're men of God, as long as these people are older than you, it simply means they have more experience than you so you have no right whatsoever to talk bad about them. 

If you have nothing nice to comment when men of God or anybody in general posts something on social media, then don't say anything at all! No one cares about what you think!! How'd you feel if people said all of the bad things you said to others to you?

Please, put yourselves in these people's shoes and see if you'll want children who aren't as old as you to call you rude names. Please let's all be courteous and respectful to people. 

Thanks for reading. 

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