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The first mosque in Yoruba land: see where it was located

Nigeria is well established with the largest population of Muslims in West Africa, and as estimated by the BBC in 2007, slightly more than 50% of the population is Muslim. More on the history of Islam in Nigeria can be found in the reference below.

Islam got to Yorubaland around the 14th century. According to Al-Aluri, the first mosque was built in Oyo-Ile in 1550 AD although. The mosque was built only to serve the needs of the foreign Muslims living in Oyo-Ile because there were no Yoruba Muslims in Oyo-Ile then.

But Immediately Muslims began to build Mosques: Muhammadu Lamuye was the first to build a mosque in Iwo.  Iwo town was the first to build its first mosque in 1655, followed by Iseyin in 1760; Lagos, 1774; Saki, 1790; and Osogbo, 1889.


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