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Open Letter To People Complaining About The Doctrines of Chris Oyakhilome

Open Letter To People Complaining About The Doctrines of Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome is one of the far most criticized pastors in Nigeria, he has been called lots of names, even when people do not get the whole story right, they end up insulting men of God just no reason.

This letter is directed towards those his members who still attend Christ Embassy, but do not completely agree with his doctrines nor teaching about faith and healing. You need to look closely into his life and repent of your sins.

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Dear People;

There are times you know, in your heart that, you are doing wrong or that you are acting wrongly to a situation or to someone, but because of a conviction in your heart, you just can’t help it, you still hold on to your mistake or wrong doing.

In this case, there are times you know you are wrong for not believing a man of God or for saying something wrong about him but you cannot help it, you cannot go back on your words, so you stubbornly follow the corpse to the grave.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has set the map of Nigeria in the world with his ministry, Love World Ministry aka Christ Embassy, but it still Nigerians that criticize him much more, than other countries he has touched lives also.

Chris Oyakhilome faced so much criticism in Nigeria that he had to relocate his headquarters down to South Africa, where he is received much more than here in Nigeria, his home country. The very much critics of pastor Chris by Nigerians, is the way his members dress to church and the kind of hair some of the male members and pastors keep.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a new generation pastor and a very educated pastor, studied many languages and bible histories in different countries, he is well knowledge and advanced, so you do not expect him to dress as an old-fashioned or old-schooled minister.

His ministry just like that of Bishop David Oyedepo has a focus, which is building up the faith of he faithless, giving them the power to believe that anything is possible if they just have faith in God. Having faith in God as we know, requires a form of conviction and before that is gotten, you must have had an encounter with the holy spirit, that is to say you must have become a born again.

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I do not see any wrong in allowing the members to dress with the way they are, so long it is not being naked nor seductive, dressing well is different from dressing neatly and none of that is against the bible. God requires that we shine, everyday of our lives to show forth his glory.

Just as the saying goes, be holy because God is holy, be lovely because God is lovely, so also, one should be clean because cleanliness is next to Godliness. God does not like unclean things, just as he does not like unclean dresses, nobody goes into the house of God naked.

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No pastor would allow that, so how you see them dress outside is not how they dress to church, they know that it is wrong, so stop blaming their pastors because they cannot wear that to their pastor’s houses or churches.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome cannot be standing in front of the church gate to tell members what to wear, why have you not also gone to the United States’ pastors to condemn them because their congregations dress in trousers, sweat jeans and other clothes you think is bad for the house of God?

Stop Judging, so you do not get judged.

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