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Warfare Prayer Points To Send Back Every Satanic Arrows From The Coven.

1. Thank God for what he has been doing in your life and family.

2. Acknowledge that you are a sinner and seek for the forgiveness of sin.

3. Ask for God to open the heavens of answered prayer

Then you can start praying these prayers.

1. Arrows from the witches coven fired against my life, back fire in Jesus name.

2. Every arrows fired for my downfall, I send you back to your sender in Jesus name.

3. Arrows from darkness fired to disrupt my light, back fire in Jesus name.

4. Arrows fired to hinder me from my breakthrough, I send you back by fire in Jesus name.

5. Who are you archers of the evil one, I send fire on you in Jesus amen.

6. Every arrows of deaths fired in my life, backfire in Jesus name.

7. Arrows of stagnancy fired into my life, fall out in Jesus name.

8. Satanic arrow fired into my head, go back to where you come from in Jesus name.

10. Arrows fired to kill me little by little, leave my life now in Jesus name.

11. God the deliverer deliver me from every satanic arrows.

12. Arrows of sickness fired into my body, backfire now in Jesus name.

13. Arrows of poverty in my life, backfire in Jesus name.

14. I arrest every spiritual archers in Jesus name.

15. Blood of Jesus erase every wounds of satanic arrows in Jesus name.

16. Arrows fired into my life from the witches coven back fire now in Jesus name.

17. Every agents of the evil one, firing arrows into my future, fall down and die in Jesus name.

18. I receive supernatural power to fight and win my enemies in Jesus name.

19. Satanic arrow am not your candidate, backfire now in Jesus name.

20. Am free from every arrows from the coven in Jesus name.

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