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"Only Poor People Fight Over Religion,Rich People Don't Fight Over It" - Reno Omokri writes

Reno is always saying provocative things isn't he? Some people are really going to feel attacked by this. Anyways,we are human beings and are blessed with the ability to either agree to something or disagree. Either way, it doesn't make us any less human.

Nigeria is actually a very religious country although,we are multi religious. But sometimes it seems like most religious minded people are poor. Here's what Reno wrote about that.

I do not agree entirely with this but, there's some truth in this. Poor in this context doesn't mean people without money. That would be safe to. I think he's referring to poor mentality. There are people that aren't rich upstairs. We can classify them as poor. Matter of fact, I think the wisest man is the wealthiest.

Reno is dropping a nugget as he calls his tweets. Do you agree with him on this one? Do you really think rich people place money over religion?

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