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Check Out The Prayer Timetable For The Whole Of 2021 Ramadan Season

As we all know, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. One among the unforgettable experience and season for the Muslims. Everyone, including the Christians knows about the moment, which activity include fasting. Another significance of Ramadan is that, it's tagged a holy season. And the special news is that the Ramadan season is starting.

Actually, Ramadan for the year will start on Monday, April 12 and will last for 30 days and ending on Tuesday, May 11. Islamic holidays always begin at sundown and end at sundown, which is the following day ending the holiday or festival. Am sure some are ready, while some are still preparing and some don't even know about how it will begin or end.

Meanwhile, with the many challenges people are facing, some may not know about this year Calendar for the fasting season. Well today, am going to share with you the Timetanle for the Ramadan season. But before then, am sure the Ramadan season has some rules because it a holy season, so you better know those rules. And if you want to know the timetable for the Ramadan season, check it out below.

After seeing the timetable, am sure the Muslims are now ready. While for the Christians, prepare your rice and stew for the Easter Celebration. Don't forget to follow me for more interesting updates and stories, share this information with many others. Stay safe.

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