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7 Simple Ways To Receive Quick Answers To Your Prayers

Prayer is the communication between God and man. It has been discovered that many people don't receive answers to prayers at the appropriate time. This kind of situation can be frustrating because it will look like pouring water into the basket. God is not hard to relate with and everything being equal, answers to requests is not supposed to take longer time. Whenever prayers are not answered, something is definitely wrong somewhere and if the issue is not addressed, man's heart desires might not be granted.

Seven simple things to do while expecting speedy answers to your prayer requests are listed below.

1. Desist from sin - going against God's will can be compared to stubbornness which is also disobedience. You can't have many things in your hands and expect to collect more. Let go of sin.

2. Fasting - prayers alone may not be enough to solve some life problems, fasting should be included. Whenever you fast, your spirit man receives power to fight and wage war against every enemy of your soul. While fasting, remember to always worship God too.

3. Preparation - if you are praying for a child, go to the market to get baby things. Men that are seeking a wife should rent an apartment that is fully furnished. Anyone seeking admission should buy things that will be needed for University education. When God sees the action you've taken, results will follow.

4. Faith - it is impossible to sit on a chair that is bad because you know it will lead to falling down. If you can have confidence in something as insignificant as a chair, why not believe God, the Maker of heaven and earth. Pray without having doubts in your heart and you will receive speedy answers.

5. Give - when you have prayed, fasted and done everything you think is required of you, start giving. It has worked for people several times and yours cannot be an exception. Look around for people who are in desperate need and assist them, they will genuinely pray for you. Even if they don't, God sees your actions and it will be greatly rewarded.

6. Watch out for bad behaviours/habits - many people unintentionally act in a particular way that may hinder their prayers. For instance, if you have #10,000 in your bank account and there is pride in your heart, how will you behave when you have #100,000? God cannot give you what you cannot handle, so observe the behaviours that can prevent His blessings upon your life.

7. Rejoice with people - if you are a single lady praying for a husband, always be happy for your friends that are getting married. If you are seeking admission, rejoice with your friends that have been admitted. The time will soon come when people will rejoice with you too.

Apply any of these 7 ways into your life and watch miracles begin to happen. 

Thanks for reading.

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