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3 Mistakes Some Pastors Make That Could Land Them In Hell

It will be very catastrophic to see a man of God in Hell. He might be a good preacher, who can perform miracles and win souls for Christ but if his way is not right with God, then he is not going to heaven. However, here are mistakes that could take some pastors to well

1. Restitution

One particular mistake that pastors make is that they may not be able to perform some kind of restitution. Possibly while preaching, they said some things which they realized it was wrong after the message. The normal thing is for them to return and do the papa restitution by telling their members that what they said was wrong. They should also correct themselves and ensure that they don't make that kind of mistake again. However, some often feel too big to do this and if they die mediately they could find themselves in Hell.

2. Besetting Sins

Some pastors still committed to sin and they procrastinate their total turning away from it. They try to give themselves time and try not to condemn themselves. They preach against sin and iniquity and yet they still perform some little sins. If you die immediately, they could find themselves in Hell.

3. Twisting God's message

Some pastors find it difficult to deliver the exact message that God them to his people. The message might not seem palatable and to keep your members, they decided to modify the messages. It is very bad because the members might go ahead to misinterpret that message and it's gonna get what God is personal across to them. Any Pastor who does this is on his way to hell.

In conclusion, We should try to consistently pray for our Pastors because they are human like us. We should pray for the grace to stand in the truth till the end.

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