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God’s Patience and man's Impatience, By Akua Amos

God’s Patience and Our Impatience. We instinctively divide ourselves into good and evil, friends and enemies.

The consequence of such a distinction is in tolerance and a desire to solve immediately whatever tensions arise from them. Some ask God to intervene and judge and punish others. The readings‘ today tell us that God does not do things like that.

The bible teaches us that God uses his power not to punish us, but to save us; he wants all of us to do likewise. The gospel tells us to accept with peace of mind the presence of evil in the world, and invites us to recognise the weeds in our own hearts.

It assures us that the love of God will one day destroy it. The second reading speaks of the Spirit that prays for us, beseeching the Father to destroy all evil.

This prayer will certainly be heard.

therefore let us all be patience when we request anything from God, he is never asleep he will do according to his will.

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Akua Amos


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