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In 1982 I had The Visitation Of Jesus, But Was Financially Constrained - Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo in his teaching today, talked about faith and patience, and in his sermon, he was telling his members the main reason why their faith must be accompanied with patience. He said without patience, a Christian will be experiencing hit and run lifestyle.

According to him, he said in 1982 he had the visitation of Jesus Christ but his financial life didn’t change immediately, he said there was a time he was hoping praying to get ₦500. And sometimes he would testify in the church whenever he was able to raise more than ₦500.

He said his church also did hope to raise ₦3000 for the church’s needs before, he maintained that although there was faith he still had to be patient with the word of God.

He encouraged his members to always have patience in the word of God because that will solidify their relationships with God and that will stop them from being a hit-and-run Christian who is just hoping for a miracle.

Source: Church Gist

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