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Here Are The 6 Tips To Follow So That God Will Truly Manifest Himself To You.

This article is inspired by the thoughts of great theologians, great pastors, and great deacons.

In a way, it presents how to behave to strengthen our intimacy with God. It is when our intimacy is very strong that God manifests himself to us. The relationship that binds human beings to God so that it lasts and develops, must be solid. This involves certain acts and certain behaviors that we must adopt.

1) We must never forget every morning when we wake up to pray to the Lord, to thank him for the day and to recommend it to him

2) During the day, during breaks or free time, it is necessary to listen to music of worship and praise. It keeps you in the presence of God

3) Set a time for yourself during the day when you can open the Bible and read it. Everything will depend on your availability. But don't go a day without reading it. 

4) Surround yourself with someone in service, at school who sincerely loves and who speaks about God

5) in order for your relationship with God to be true and for God to be manifested to you, make efforts to avoid sin as much as possible

6) Finally, get in the habit of fasting. Go to the end of your fast and pray that God will reveal himself to you.

Thanks for reading. If it was a pleasure, messages of encouragement would make us very happy. Let us know your opinions, concerns and suggestions on the matter. Share it massively.


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