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How to cleanse yourself after $*X using Alligator pepper, Bitter kola & Salt

$*x is to a lay man just means love making, but there is more to it, the world is spiritual believe it or not, this is not fairy tale, Alot of people have condemned this method, some complained it is fetish, But God that a Christian or Muslim serve is the creator of herbs and plants, they have their purpose and also have their spiritual vibration.

$*x is condemn by religious followers claiming it is a sin, but even when it is done by legally married couples have it's implications, if there is no proper purification.

How to purify yourself after $*X using Alligator pepper seed, bitter kola & Salt

1. Pick 7 Alligator pepper seed, speak words of blessings, proclaiming evil eyes will not see you and you will not see them, No evil in your work or business, Any evil that accompany my partner(name of the partner) will not follow you. And throw it away, far from any domestic animal or passerby contact.

2.Pick another 7 seed proclaim good blessings on your work, business and road safety, also throw that away.

3. Please all your prayers should be in the name of your belief, Jesus, Allah or any religion of your choice, please it is an acceptable positive vibration for everybody. And also throw tit away.

4.Immediately put 7 seed in your bucket of water and a little bit of salt and bath with it.

5. Finally put 7 in your pocket & 1 bitter kola as you step out, you can throw it away after that day or still leave it in your pocket as you wish.

Note this will work for those that believe

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