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Morning Prayer To Say For Fresh Anointing And Open Heavens

This wonderful and blessed morning I decree that the Lord will issue a new anointing of special blessings on your family. Blessings of special grace will trace your family and attract great miracles on your home and fortune in Jesus name. Anointing to dynamic success will saturate your home in Jesus name. Financially and maritally you shall experience dynamic success and victory in Jesus name. Anointing of great occasions shall open and saturate your home in the name of Jesus Christ. Opportunity for greatness and advancement shall be your share in Jesus name. Dynamic upgrade and promotion opportunity shall be your part in Jesus name. The supernatural power of God will boost your business and activities today in Jesus Christ name. Anointed to great achievement shall locate your household in Jesus name. Whatever you lay your hands on, shall be successful and profitable in the name of Jesus. You shall receive all your good heart desires quickly in the name of Jesus Christ. May the Lord destroy every obstacle in your achievements today and beyond in Jesus name. The door of great achievement shall open for your family, in the name of Jesus. Whatever God has created shall work for your success and advancement in the name of Jesus Christ. This morning the Lord will open heaven to your generation and shower divine blessings and miracles on your family in Jesus name. Heaven will shower dynamic greatness on your family in every sphere, situation and enrich your family in the name of Lord Jesus. Heaven will release favor and success to your household, God's grace shall connect your destiny with dynamic uplift and advancement in Jesus Christ name. Heaven will release the dynamic grace of wonderful testimony upon your seed in the name of Jesus. As you step outside today, you shall move towards dynamic joy and happiness in all your endeavors in Jesus name. The Lord will visit your home quickly with all your wishes in the name of Jesus. The supernatural power of God will defame all your enemies in Jesus Christ name.

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