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Deliverance Prayer Against Evil Ancestral Names.

Truely we are living in a mysterious world, that it takes only divine revelation to conquer. Many people are suffering so such without knowing that the root cause of their problems is from their ancestral names, such names has the power to distract and divert your blessings because they dedicated to ancient spirit and powers.

It takes only divine charge for you to be delivered permanently. Therefore we must not relax in Praying against the works of the enemies.


Thank you heavenly father for this divine revelation that has opened my eyes. Therefore let your blood release me from every ancestral names speaking Against my life and progress, in Jesus name.

Let every ancestral names that means suffering, sudden death, setback, etc in spiritual realm that vowed not to let me go, today I command the fire of God to consume them, in the name of Jesus.

Every ancient spirits that is working according to my ancestral names, today work no more and die, in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Father for delivering your children, in Jesus name I prayed.

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