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5 Reasons Why Some Christians Do Not Hear God Clearly

The book of John, highlights the fact that every child of God is meant to hear God clearly. However, it is very common to see Christians who do not know how God speaks to them, hence, they always seek spiritual guidance from other Christians.

Here are five reasons why some Christians do not hear God clearly:

1. Condemnation:

Whenever a Christian sins, his or her conscience feels a lot of guilt and they feel too unholy to talk to God.

The devil constantly reminds such Christians of their sin. That is why he is called the accuser of the brethren. A condemned believer will not be able to hear from God.

2. Lack Of Focus:

Some Christians do not hear God's Voice, due to how easily distracted they get while praying.

As a believer whenever you pray, learn to focus your mind on God. Put away every distraction and you will hear God talk to you.

3. Lack Of Faith:

Owing to how dependent some believers have become on men of God, they lose their trust in God's ability to talk to them directly.

4. The Cares Of Life:

Some Christians get carried away by desire to make wealth and other distractions, hence, they find little or no time to communicate with God.

We are God's children and just like every good father, God desires to speak to you. However, you have to learn to make time to hear Him speak.

5. Inability To Study The Word Of God:

The book of Psalms describes the Word of God as lamp unto the Believer's path and a lamp until their feet.

God also instructs Christians through the Holy Bible. Christians who do not study the Bible, may not easily discern God's Voice.

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