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The True Knowledge About God

It is God's plan and desire that we grow in the knowledge of Him every day of our life. The truth about God is only expressed and revealed in the scripture. All other doctrines and philosophy outside the scripture are to be neglected and rejected. The truth about God is revealed to us through His son Jesus, He is the channel to God, and He reveals the Father to us.

 Growth in knowledge

 The truth of the Lord's nature is not what a man can exhaust, we continue to know Him the more. This is God's desire 

There are certain virtues presently in us that need to be developing in order to grow in God's knowledge: faith, self-control, godliness, perseverance, knowledge, brotherly kindness among others.

 Filled and overflow

Apostle Paul admonishes the church of God at Rome, not just to be filled with knowledge, but also to admonish others. Our life will consciously encourage others when we have grown deep in the knowledge of God.

 Apostle Paul gave us a clear insight on one of the major ways in which knowledge can be expressed, that is through our utterance.

 We speak wisdom among those that are matured. God's knowledge must have a place in us and this will help a believer to live a life of God's word which will reflect in character and utterance so as impact other's lives.

 But grow in the knowledge of our Lord God and saviour Jesus Christ.

Growth is essential.

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