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"God does not joke with His servants, He will kill for them" - Apostle Johnson Suleman

The popular Nigerian Televangelist and the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman speaking during the "Thanksgiving Service", after revealing the necessity of thanksgiving, the renown clergyman reveals how God deals with His servants.

Here is the excerpt of what Apostle Johnson Suleman said in the video:

"Life is a gift, appreciate God for life. You cannot pay for breath, that you're alive it means there is hope for you. So, appreciate God for life. There are so many attacks that came but the Lord saw you through. There are so many attacks and the Lord kept you, the Lord preserve you. Those who have money were taken away. Those who have millions were taken away but the Lord preserve you, when the mighty crash God kept you in the pandemic, so thank God for life. People with all the millions in the world didn't survive it. Pandemic killed Doctors, Medical Personnel, Nurses, Virologists, the virus swallowed workers in their hundreds but you're standing and well. So, appreciate Him for life. 

Can I say this now? Can I talk to you? Serving God is not academic, it's organic. I'm going to say some things that are very hard. God does not joke with His servants, He will kill for them except he is not call of God. God does not have perfect servants, God has them raw. In their rawness God does two things. In their rawness when they make mistakes, God does two things. He corrects them and promotes them. In that mistakes, he corrects them and promotes them. In their mistakes God corrects them when you're attacking them. God does not joke with his ministers. I have a policy, it's a policy that if you want to become my friend and you are a man of God, I traced you to your genealogy.

If you have a problem with your mentor or problem with the person that fathered you, I cannot relate with you. My life is okay, why will I allow you to bring problem into my life. Let me shock you, God told me something last week, He said "When the devil wants to discredit men of God, he introduces men of Satan." How? The men of Satan comes to discredit men of God and they sound so honest. They will use Bible to attack what a pastor is saying. They will make videos, they will never pick anything positive a man of God said, no! Because if they pick that, they will lose their viewership, their concern is to build a base, Satan has raised up men of Satan to discredit men of God, and let me say this to you, every Omega Ministry members hear me, any man of God you have criticized, never you dare say amen to his prayer. You can't break the scripture to make your future. Answers to prayer is quick with honor."

Here is the link to the video:

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Johnson Suleman Nigerian Thanksgiving Service


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