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2 Kinds of Baptism that Most Christians Don't Know About

Most Christians are familiar with the concept of the water baptism. This familiarity has made them ignorant of these 2 other kinds of baptism. If you ask around, you may find out that only few are aware of these things. However, this article would seek to expose you on what these 2 other baptisms are, and what they can do for the believer. If you know them, then it is good that you continue to maintain them. If you don't, then it is good that you strive to get them. Just to be clear, these 2 baptisms are purely biblical. In fact, it was John the baptist, the forerunner of our LORD Jesus Christ, who introduced them. To prove this fact, there would be a scriptural verse to back up my claims. This scriptural verse would be used for the both of them because they were both contained therein. Without further ado, they are:

1. The Holy Ghost Baptism (Mathew chapter 3 verses 11):

The Holy Ghost baptism is not like the water baptism. After you have been baptized with water, the next step is to undergo the Holy Ghost baptism. During the Holy Ghost baptism, the believer is expected to pray and also fast where necessary until the Holy Ghost falls upon him or her. And just like the Apostles, the Holy Ghost comes with some spiritual gifts. These spiritual gifts are the evidence that the Holy Ghost has overshadowed the life of the believer. Some of the gifts are the gifts of prophesy, the gifts of speaking in tongues, the gifts of the interpretation of tongues, and lots more. However, I think that speaking in tongues is the one we mostly see these days. During the Holy Ghost baptism session, the believer is expected to show all form of seriousness and purity. These are the prerequisites needed for a full and effective baptism.

2. The Baptism of Fire (Mathew Chapter 3 verses 11):

The next realm of baptism is the baptism of fire. This baptism was also introduced by John the baptist. It is a baptism that most Christians don't know fully well. Just like the name implies, the baptism of fire entails a serious session where the Holy Ghost fire is fully embedded in the life of the believer. This fire is not a physical one. Rather it is spiritual. Once this baptism is complete, the believer is completely filled with the fire of God and his or her life would receive transformation. This is because the words of this believer becomes authority. Also, there are many other benefits that are attached to this. This is why I say that this baptism is one that all Christians should strive for. It's not easy to get, but it comes with a lot of benefits.

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