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Lord Let Wealth Visit My Life Before The End Of Today

Heavenly father we ask that your divine wealth shall visit my life as I step out today in the mighty name of Jesus christ. Every yoke of poverty that will not let me progress and attain my wealthy status this day in the name of Jesus christ, lord God I call upon your name that you will open unto us your windows of heaven and let the wealth you have in stock for our lives begin to rain dow this day in the mighty name of Jesus christ. We decree that before we return today we shall have a reason to celebrate in the mighty name of Jesus christ.

There shall be the release of the grace to conquer and control money this day in our lives in the mighty name of Jesus christ. The power of heaven to make wealth is hereby released in our lives in to begin to function in every sphere of our lives in our businesses and in our offices, we decree that strange finances shall begin to rush into our lives this day as we go out to labour in the mighty name of our lord Jesus christ we have prayed.

Please like and drop your comments and please also pray along and God bless you all.

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