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How Umar Bin Khattab Strengthened Islam In Mecca

Umar R.A was born in 584 CE and accepted Islam in 616 CE. 

Muhammad (saw) had prayed for him saying: "O Allah, honor Islam through Abu Jahl bin Hisham or through Umar bin Al-Khattab."

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Umar R.A came the next day to the Messenger of Allah and accepted Islam.

Umar R.A became Muslim in 616 CE, one year after the Migration to Abyssinia. At that time, Muslims numbered thirty-nine. 

Umar R.A. said: "I remember that when I became Muslim, there were just thirty-nine men with the Messenger of Allah, and I brought the number to forty."

Abdullah Ibn Masood R.A. said: "We felt a sense of pride when Umar became Muslim, for we could not circumambulate the Holy Mosque and pray, until Umar became Muslim. When he became Muslim, he fought them until they sent us free. Then we prayed and circumambulated the Kaaba."

Umar R.A. was the first person to publicly proclaim Islam. He literally went door to door to the houses of the inhabitants of Mecca, such as Abu Jahl, to announce his conversion to Islam. Their reaction was, of course, astonishment, hostility, and dismay. 

Umar R.A's courage was contagious, and his actions strengthened and boosted the morale of the small community of Muslims, who had until then, been forced to worship in the secrecy of their homes. 

With Umar R.A. as the physical guardian, the hostile Quraishi were hesitant to attack the Muslims, as Umar R.A. was fearsome and was swift to retaliate. Umar R.A was given the title of "Al-Farouq" by Prophet Muhammad

When Umar R.A came to accept Islam in Dar-ul-Arqam, then because the valour and courage of Umar R.A was acknowledged by all, it was after his conversion to Islam that the Muslims started performing salah in the open and Islam was propagated in public.

Thus, prompted by Umar R.A., the Quraishi witnessed to their alarm the first group of Muslims approaching and worshipping before the Ka'bah in broad daylight. This was the incident that gave him the title "Al Farooq" (he who distinguishes truth from falsehood). 

When the enemies of Islam heard the name of Umar R.A, their knees would tremble. When Satan saw Umar R.A walking down the street, he would turn the other way. However, this man of strength and power cried easily and had a soft and compassionate heart. Umar R.A was humble without being weak.

Umar R.A's path to the truth began with a vehement hatred of Muhammad and the religion of Islam, but that hatred soon turned into a fierce love. Umar ibn Al Khattab, R.A., strengthened Islam.

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