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Say These Short Six Prayer Points Before You Sleep Tonight (19/07/2020)

On this night of the first day of the week Lord we return all glory and adoration to your holy name for counting us among the living and showing us love to see the closing of the day accept our gratitude in Jesus name.

Say amen to these six prayer points before you go to bed this night.

1. My God raindown fire and brimstone upon all my enemies trying to attack me this night in Jesus name.

2. My God every spirit of disappointment in my life chase it out of me and perish it as I resume my work tomorrow in Jesus name.

3. My God every doors of goodness and prosperity locked against me by the principality of the world open it now in Jesus name.

4. My God brighten up my life and future this night so I can wake up in new glory the next morning in Jesus name.

5. My God direct my heaven sent helpers to help me and lift me in life this week in Jesus name.

6. My God forgive me all my shortcomings and show me the way and truth through Jesus in Jesus name.

Stay blessed and happy for in Jesus most precious name we pray, amen!

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