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Prayers Against Untimely Death This Weekend

It is the end of another week and we thank God for everything He did for us this week. As we went out and returned home, His presence never abandoned us. Though we don't deserve anything good from him, but by his grace we are still alive. He has kept us alive and death was not able to overcome us. However, as you believe in God, say these prayers against Untimely Death this weekend.

Thank the Lord for his goodness over your life this week.

Praise him for all the sacrifice he paid to due for you on the cross.

Thank him because he kept you alive throughout the week.

He deserves your praises and adoration.

Worship Him for all that He has done for you this week.

As the weekend approaches, death will not be your lot.

There will be no need for you to bury any of your family members.

In the name of Jesus, the Lord's powerful hands will be upon you.

Lord, thank you for going above and beyond our expectations.

This weekend, I choose Life for you and your entire family.

This weekend, there will be no sadness or grief in your family.

In the name of Jesus, everything you put your hands on will prosper.

In the name of Jesus, nothing will be able to harm you this weekend.

This weekend, no one in your family will give you any heartbreaking news.

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