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Money is a deception and a distraction in the world - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The President of Loveworld Incorporated, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has stated that money is a deception and a distraction in the world.

The Nigerian televangelist mentioned that money was an evolution. It was not present when God created the world. He advised Christians to take their minds beyond money and focus on the purpose of God for their lives. He did aver that the dream of a Christian should not be how and where to get money. In his own words, he said:

Hear This! Money is a deception and a distraction in the world. Not many realise this, but it’s the truth. When God made this world, there was no such thing as money. Money was an evolution; the world didn’t start out with money. But today, we act like money “fell” from heaven and God said, “Thou must use money.” But it’s not so.

Here’s how you can easily understand this deception: when you deposit money in the bank, you’re aware that there’s no special store created to store the money with your name on every bill. Where then is all the money that the bank is keeping for you? They only have a record against your name in figures as proof that you have money there. That should tell you something: money is an illusion; it exists only in the mind of the poor.

Your real quality and value have nothing to do with the bills in your pocket or safe-deposit box. If you can build, not your bank accounts, but your mind and your heart—the quality of your personality—it’ll control how much money responds to you.

Take your mind beyond money and focus on God’s purpose. His purpose for your life is that no matter what happens to the financial systems and operations of the world, you’ll always win. You’re bigger than inflation and the economy of the nation where you live. You’re bigger than this world! You’re the seed of Abraham, meaning you own the world. Believe this and you’d be free from the power and intimidation of money.

Your dream in life shouldn’t be where to get money or how to get money. The first and most vital element is your mind. Put it to work, and money will respond to you always".

Credit: Facebook | Naijasermons

Content created and supplied by: Ayobami2003 (via Opera News )


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