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Why Seed Sowing In A Place Of Worship Is Deemed Needful (Opinion)

In the world today, right from the days pf the old, the early believers of the word of God has been known for offering sacrifices mainly in burnt offerings to God.

Seed sowing in our world today is something popular in our churches. Seed sowing is an important work a Christian should take up in one's life.

Seed sowing is exclusively different from the usual tithes and offerings normally done in churches.

It is written in the written in the Bible, seed sowing might be in form of first fruit as we can see in Proverbs 3 from verse 1 till down. First fruit offering was made mention there.

As recorded by the Bible, Abel offered a burnt offering from the firstlings of his flocks and from the fattest and God was pleased with him.

You can't offer God Almighty something that is worth nothing to you expecting God to do something that is worth might for. He's a God that keeps covenant and promises.

We are expected to sow seeds in our place of worship as this brings breakthrough and success in our way.

As a worker, your first salary is your first fruit and can also serve as your seed in your respective churches.

Never neglect or look down on seed sowing as this sets one back in life.

Tithes and offerings are also crucial and play their own respective roles too.

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