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How Christians Should Treat Their Pastors And His Family

The fact that our pastors are the mouthpiece of God does not mean that they do not have needs or feelings. As members, it is our responsibility to take care of our pastors because nobody can do that better than us. Here are 5 things we should do for our Pastors:

1. Intercede For Him

As Christians, we do not necessarily need to give our Pastors material gifts, but we should try to be praying for them. Just as much as they pray for us, we should also develop the habit of praying for them. They are human like us and they enjoy all that we enjoy. So we have to take time to intercede for them. It is very important.

2. Show Love To His Family

We might not be able to show direct love to our pastors but we should be able to give their families the love they deserve. We have to be able to show maximum love to their wives and their children because they are the closest to him. They mean a lot to him and anything you do for them, you are also doing for him. So you have to show them, Love.

3. Live What He Preaches

Every man of God will always be happy when he realizes that you are doing what he preaches. He will be happy to understand and to realize that his preaching is bearing fruit in your life. So, therefore, you have to listen to your pastors and abide by their words. They are the word of God and as much as he will be happy with you doing them, God will be happier with you.

In conclusion, try as much as possible to always find time to show love to your pastor (in cash and kind). They are always praying for you and you should be able to pray for them too. God will help you in Jesus' name. Amen.

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