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Steps to answered prayer

Many people complain that they can't see sign that their prayers are being heard or answered quickly, they are things that causes prayer not to be answered or that causes it to be delayed.

In this aspect they a few things we should do after prayer for answers, which is why I brought you the things we should do after prayer for answers.

1) Believe: after prayer, many people still have a little doubt that the prayer reached heaven which is not suppose to be so, believing is very important after prayer if you want to make your prayers to be answered.

Believing without work is useless if you are believing you oat to show the evidence of what you are believing for.

2) Avoid sin: some people sin immediately after praying, and they are expected answered prayer, the word of God made it clear that the prayer of a sinner Is an abomination before God.

God is merciful, but that does not mean we should use it for granted because they are also punishment for sin including unanswered prayer.

3) Read the word of God (bible): the bible made us to understand that the only way we can make ourselves approved is to study.

Reading the word of God Is also another way to know the things that will help you both spiritually, and physically.

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