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Fascinating: Commonly misunderstood, misused and misrepresented English words by Nigerians

At times in Nigeria, we tend to misstate, misuse, misrepresent and also make use of ungrammatically recognised words when using the English language. It is pertinent to be conscious of the kind of words we use and how exactly we use them for effective communication. Also, you never can tell how serious your listener(s) might take whatever goof you commit in the course of trying to pass across a message. Below are few of the those words;

(1) Bogus: it is an English word but it is most of the time misrepresented by Nigerians. The literary meaning of the word is 'Counterfeit or fake; not genuine'. This is against the popular believe that it means 'impressive, great or eye-catching'

(2) Lousy: it is an English word which means 'remarkably bad; of poor quality, dirty, or underhanded'. Although, it is ambiguous, all the meanings are still premised on badness. This is against the backdrop that it means' talkative, chatty and the likes'. A chatty or talkative can be said to be 'loquacious' instead of the wrongly used 'lousy'.

(3) Knickerboggers: this word as often written and pronounced by some Nigerians is non-existent, it should be written and pronounced as 'knickerbockers'.

(4) Insultive: for the sake of God, this word is non-existent, it is 'insulting' and not 'insultive'

(5) Wake keeping: it is one of the most used words by Nigerians that is non-existent. It is 'wake' and not wake-keep or wake-keeping. It can also be referred to as 'Christian wake' as it is a tradition mostly practiced among Christians.

(6) Installmentally: this word is unrecognised by the speakers of English language on the international scene, it implies that it is not in existence, therefore, it is highly ungrammatical. You pay in installment and not installmentally.

(7) Disvirgin: it is highly in use especially among the youths of Nigeria. Shockingly enough, it is not in existence. It is 'deflower' and not 'disvirgin.

It is very important that you take cognizance of these common errors. Thank you for reading.

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