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"You Will Ruin Nigeria Completely" -Nigerans Tells Pastor Fatoyinbo And Bishop David Oyedepo

Good day everyone and welcome back. 

This are some few things to do that will protect you from the deadly coronavirus..

This is a time where we all need to be very conscious of our health and lives. 

This is not a time for us to start gambling with our lives and stay safe in this period. 

So first thing to know is to have sanitizer and make sure you always use it in this period whenever you come back from work or anywhere. 

Another thing is to have our tissue papers and always use it in our homes because it will help us avoid direct contact with everything so we can get tissue paper in our home. 

Another thing to be aware of is making sure we have water in our home it is very neccessary and essential. This period where we all have to stay indoors this item is the most essential among all. 

Then the next is to also have enough food in our various homes it will enable us reduce the time we spend outside so that we won't contact the virus 

I hope by reading this you'll stay healthy. 

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Now moving to the main story

Following the reported cases of coronavirus in different parts of Nigeria, the government of some states in Nigeria announced that church services with a large crowd shouldn’t hold on Sunday because of the need for social distancing. Following this directive by the government, some big churches like The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Daystar Christian Center and Covenant Christian center; announced that their members should worship online and in small groups. They made these announcements via various media platforms immediately after the state government gave this directive.

Photo credit: Biodun Fatoyinbo's Instagram page.

Contrary to this instruction by the state government, some other big churches like Winners and Coza still held their Sunday Services with large crowds. Reacting to this act of disobedience by the churches to the government, Nigerians have aired their views on what they feel about the way the big churches chose to ignore the government’s instruction. 

Photo credit: Bishop David Oyedepo's Instagram page

Many of them were of the opinion that the pastors are not leading by example; adding that their actions will put Nigeria in trouble one day. 

Winners chapel held their service; and most of their prayer points today were about God delivering the world from the plague of Coronavirus.

Similarly, the senior pastor of Coza, Pastor Fatoyinbo announced that they have sanitized the environment where their Sunday service would hold; adding that they would provide hand sanitizers for their members.

Photo credit: Biodun Fatoyinbo's Instagram page

Despite the fact that the churches prayed against the disease and promised a good and safe environment for members to worship respectively, Nigerians still expressed their annoyance over the fact that the leaders of the church disobeyed the government’s directive.

Photo credit: Biodun Fatoyinbo's Instagram page.

Read what some of them wrote on Instagram and Twitter below:

@joyaustin4743 on Instagram wrote, “These pastors will destroy Nigeria completely. A country where the average man cannot afford health care, these people are putting the common man at risk because of tithes and offerings. If they allow this Covid spread in Nigeria, Nigeria will be finished. How many people can actually afford health care? How many hospitals are equipped with critical care beds for 200 million people?”

@OgbeniDipo on Twitter wrote, “Looks like Biodun Fayoyinbo and Coza just like taking heat? Because I don’t get why they cannot behave on this very serious issue. Is this a joke?

@boluxxxx wrote, “You know the funny thing? Coza Dubai is doing service online. They can respect authorities in Dubai but it’s Coza Guzape Gwarinpa they want to use Blood of Jesus for.

@spawns68 on Instagram wrote, “Religion will be the end of us in this country because we don’t see any foolishness in it... Papa said there will be service but you cannot apply wisdom abi? I’m so sure corona cases in Nigeria will surge after today. 

Click2go1 on Instagram wrote, “Have always said all these churches are mad. But guess what nothing will be done. Coronavirus will kill thousands in Nigeria.

@tosinleko on Instagram wrote, “Even the country where the religion came from is on lock down. In the Bible when the angel of death was passing by God told his people to be on lock down and put the blood on their door. It didn’t say gather in my temple. This country is really a shit hole.”

@khemfat_couture on Instagram wrote, “I refuse to be blind spiritually.”

@dis.harriet_sef on Instagram wrote, “I don’t blame this man. I blame the idiots who went to his church. Endanger your lives and you endanger everyone’s lives.

What do you think about these churches that held their normal services today despite the instruction that was given by the state government?

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