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Dele Taiwo and 2 Other People Who Didn't Allow Their Disability Stop Them From Serving God

Serving God or preaching the gospel of Christ is not a work that requires too many qualifications but the only thing that matters is for God to ordain a Man by himself. As a matter of fact, wealth, influence, posture, physical looks are not the things that God looks at before ordaining a man instead, he looks at the heart.

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Regarding this, we have decided to share and present to you some Pastors who were ordained and now serving God despite having a certain health condition. These Pastors didn't allow their physical and health conditions to hinder them from doing the Lord's business.

1. Pastor Dele Taiwo

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Although Pastor Dele Taiwo is a very short man and perhaps one of the shortest men in Nigeria, he still didn't allow that to stop him from serving God. As at present, he is a lawyer and a Pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Reports also had it that, he was the only dwarf amongst the 20 children of his father, but today he is married and blessed with children.

2. Nicholas James Vujicic

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This is another man that didn't allow his disabilities and physical looks to stop him from serving God. Nicholas James Vujicic is an Australian American Christian Evangelist and Motivational Speaker, the famous evangelist was born with a health challenge that hindered him from growing legs and arms.

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However, in all of these, Nicholas James Vujucic still served God as an Evangelist and through his ministry, a lot of souls had been won and brought back to the kingdom of God.

3. Late Timothy Oluwole Obadare

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Another man who didn't allow his looks to hinder him from doing the Lord's business is Late Timothy Oluwole Obadare. During the lifetime of Obadare, the founder of World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry (WOSEM), the Man of God was blind but one surprising thing was that, despite his blindness, he was still serving God and could read the Bible.

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Source: Vanguard, Wikipedia

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