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Midnight prayers Against Powers using your life as a Dust bin

Clear off by fire every spell and enchantment. Cut off every evil malpractice over your family. Crush every witchcraft marine interference. Destroy every witchcraft agenda in your life.

Dislodge powers using your life as a dumping bin. Let every resurrection of affliction die by fire. Destroy every evil game plan over your success. Let every yoke manufacturer die by fire.

Abort pregnancy of sorrows and set backs. Off set every demonic set up against you. Break every satanic imprisonment over you. Blackout every remote control against you. Destroy every power sponsoring repeated problem.

Speak destruction to occultic invocations. Command wicked spirits working against you to die. Destroy satanic manipulating altars and priests. Break every satanic yokein your life. Off load every evil load heaped on your progress.

Scatter by fire every prayer against you. Crush every evil hindering force working against you. Decree and declare freedom from their grips. Thank God and confess your freedom. Seal your prayers with anointing oil.

Read Galatians 3:13-14.

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