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"If Nigeria Breaks Up Yoruba Muslims Will Suffocate" - Iwo Muslim Cleric Sheikh Imran Molaasan

Sheikh Imran Molaasan - Photo credit: Facebook

The National President of Jama'at Ta'awunil Muslimeen, Sheikh Imran Molaasan who hails from Iwo City spoke at a lecture in Akure, the Ondo state capital and talked about some Muslims who gain pleasure in using the social media to condemn, and attack themselves, rather than for them to attack their common enemies, especially those who have been digging graves in the mame of Agitating for Yoruba nation, in his Further Statement, he made us understand that if the Yoruba Muslims continues to live like this, and fail to wake up to reality, if Nigeria should break up, they will suffer for it, and even suffocate.

Sheikh Imran Molaasan - Photo credit: Google

The sheikh spoke at a day lecture in Akure central mosque, which was organized by the Jama'at Ta'awunil Muslimeen Akure chapter, which was a program to call the Muslims together and discuss about the present and persistent situation of Nigeria.

He said the present situation with Yoruba Muslims make him get worried, and he likened what is happening with what happened in Bosnia where millions of Muslims were killed for lack of comprehension, insight, and foresight amidst the Muslims in Bosnia, whereas other religious groups are secretly preparing for war.

Sheikh Imran Molaasan - Photo credit: Google

He went and said how can Yoruba Muslims at this delicate and challenging state be very quiet about the agitation for Oodua Nation as if it is like Paradise? How are they even at peace with the fight against Fulanis, and not the Islam, also how would their right be secured if the power finally falls in their enemies hand? These questions makes my mind unsettled.

Sheikh Imran Molaasan - Photo credit: Google

He was appreciated by the Chief Imam of Akure, Dr Abdul Akeem Yahya Akorede, who said the words of Sheikh are expensive and timely words that all Muslims needs to hear and do something about. Also he thanked the organizers of the program.

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Sheikh Imran Molaasan - Photo credit: Google

Source: Facebook Page Iwo, Osun State

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