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Commit Your Day Into The Hands Of The Lord As You Go Out Today

It is the first working day of the week and we thank God for His Mercies over our lives and family throughout last week. We worship Him for His Love over our lives and we thank Him for His faithfulness over every members of our household. Though we don't deserve His Mercies but He has given us out of his true live for us. As you go out today, commit your day into the hands of the Lord with these prayers:

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your divine protection and provision over our lives and family through last week.

We worship you for everything you did for us and for everything you will do for us this week.

We thank you for waking us up early to seek your face this morning.

We thank you because the plans of the enemy was not fulfilled over our life throughout the night.

We thank you for everything you did for us.

We say be thou exalted Lord.

Father as we go out today, please let your presence abide with us.

Send your guidance Angels O Lord to encamp around us Lord.

Anywhere we will go and your presence will not be with us, please don't allow us go there.

Keep us and guide us from every form of accident Lord.

We cover everything will be enter today with the blood of Jesus.

Sanctify our food and bless our water today Lord.

Death shall not be our portion today Lord.

We shall not member of our family, Lord.

The wisdom and knowledge we need to make right decisions today, grant unto us Lord.

Help us to remain ready for your coming today Lord.

Give us the strength to serve you till the end Lord.

Thank you for answering our prayers.

We pray, in Jesus name.


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