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I saw heavy judgement coming, and I saw People with physical & spiritual chains-Paul Enenche reveals

Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, delivered a message to the general audience via live-streamed video.

The cleric reportedly revealed this while saying that "Every time God is silent, it does not mean that He is endorsing. And most of the time, it is a warning. He continued by saying "God did not speak to Reuben after he sinned; instead, He remained silent. Reuben too believed that God and his father Jacob were content. Then one day, Jacob turned to Reuben and said, "You thought I forgot, Reuben. I am aware that as you are my firstborn, you are destined to be my strength, the start of my strength, and the pinnacle of honour and authority. You, however, are erratic like water. You will not succeed because of what you did to your father's bed, which was defiled."

Enenche continued, "It is preferable for God to deal with you right away than for Him to remain silent. He should deal with you now rather than just observe you, in His opinion. indicating that "you will have no stand by the time He is ready to deal with you. On that note, I want us to be aware that God's silence is never an endorsement. It is a worrying omen and a portent. "Some evil people think God is quiet and there is approbation, no way," he stated.


He said, "When Nebuchadnezzar created an image of himself and declared that everyone should worship him. Abednego, Meshach, and Shadrach refused to bow down to him. And as a result, God saved them from the fire after He sent them into it. God turned away when he saw Nebuchadnezzar. But in chapters 3 and 4, God made his presence known and dealt with him. This is to let you know that no matter how many people work together, the wicked will still face consequences. That is, despite their best efforts, the wicked will ultimately face consequences.

He says as he goes on "In addition to dancing vengeance, I want you to dance some judgement. You should do some victory dances, breakthrough dances, and dances of divine intervention. To ensure that no one will be protected when judgement is meted out to those who band together to do evil. Whether you attend church or not is also irrelevant. Since others attend church but engage in wicked activities still.

Ultimately, he said "Through revelation, I understood it. And with that insight, I stated: "oh. It follows that these people are not even listening to what is being stated during this season." I foresaw severe judgement coming as a result. Persons in chains—both physical and spiritual—were what I saw.

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