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Oh Lord, Who Is Like You? - A short exaltation and prayer to God

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The ancient of days, the everlasting father, King of kings, Lord of Lords, the Alpha and Omega, the I Am that is I Am, indeed, who is like unto you, oh Lord? You are greater than the greatest, mightier than the mightiest, to you, honour, glory, praises and adoration be, no one can be equated to you, the Lord that answereth by fire, may your holy name be glorified forever and ever.

The Lord, my strong tower, the helper of the helpless, your holy name is a great refuge for those who put their trust in you, the righteous runneth into it, he is saved. The name of the Lord is my great strength and fortress. May your name be exalted forever and ever.

Oh Lord, my God, the great provider, no wonder you said in your word that the young lions do lack and suffer hunger but they that seek the LORD shall not lack any good things. You are the one that clothed the lily of the valley, you said in your word that you will neither leave us nor forsaking us and that all our hairs are numbered, non of it will fall without your knowledge, indeed, you are our pillar and great supporter, helper and provider. May your holy name be praised forever and ever.

Oh Lord, my God, you are the one that sits upon the circle of the earth. The Sun, the moon and the stars are arranged in their position (space) by you, they all manifest your glory and obey your command, there is no one like you, oh Lord.

The host of heaven and the earth declare your glory on daily basis, your handiworks manifest your glory, indeed, you are worthy to be praised on every seconds, minutes, hours and daily basis, may your name be exalted forever and ever.

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