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Thursday Morning Powerful Short Prayers Points You Should Say Before Talking To Anyone (16/07/2020)

This morning God we have come to your special abode to give you praise and adoration for keeping us alive, through the evil of the night and making us see another Dawn if a beautiful day in Good and perfect health God accept out gratitude in Jesus name.

Say these Prayers before you open your mouth to talk to anyone today

1. Oh Lord thank you for counting me among the living ones this morning in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord show me your way and your plans for my Life so that I can solidify my Faith in you in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord I commit my work, academics, business into your hands this morning work in wonders for me in Jesus name.

4. My God direct my helpers to me to lift me to my peak in Life and the promise Land of my Life in Jesus name.

5. Oh Lord protect all my ways and be the light to my feet , save me from all evil of the day in Jesus name.

6. God forgive me all my sins and wash me in the holy blood of the lamb this morning in Jesus name.

Stay blessed and safe for in Jesus most glorious name we pray,amen!

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