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3 Important Things in The Life Of a Christian

As a believer, whether a new convert or strong in the faith, without these three things you will struggle in life. Any situation in life according to how God has programmed it will only answer to our obedience to God's covenant. We need the revelation from his word to unveil the secret that gives supernatural breakthroughs. 

The three most important things in your life include:

1. The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the third Being in Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God himself chooses to relate with men through His third Being which is the Holy Spirit as human beings can not behold his. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate teacher to all saints, He will teach you whatever you want Him to, He can teach you science. The Holy Spirit can bring to your remembrance the things which you have forgotten.

The Holy Spirit can save you from trouble by telling you the right thing to do, the right place to go, the right choice to make, right turn to take. He is the perfect matchmaker in marriage as he knows the best person who can handle your flaws and bring the best out of you. One secret about the Holy Spirit is that He loves singing. Christian songs, especially worship songs will invite the presence of the Holy Spirit around you. If you are the type that loves singing while alone please keep it up, perhaps you don't know you are doing a great thing but now you do. 

2. Your Assignment.

Every believer has an assignment to carry out in this world. Your assignment has to be in accordance with the will of God. Your assignment must be what benefits humanity, yourself, and God Himself. If what you are doing now does not please God or causing discomfort to others, then it's not God's assignment for you. To know your assignment you must discover your purpose of existence, why God created you.

What many people are doing today as a job is not God's will for them. You have to discover what God wants you to do, that will settle every area of your life. Even Jesus discovered what was written about him in the book of Luke 4:17-20. Discover your purpose, find your assignment and you will live a stress-free life. 

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3. Your Seed.

God is a covenant God, He is not a man that lies. As long as His covenant with the moon and sun can not be broken, no other covenant too can be broken. As long as the rain comes down to the ground to make it give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, then the covenant of seedtime and harvest can never cease. Do you want your business to grow, or want a job, or perhaps you need something very special which only God can give? The solution to this is not prayer nor fasting. Your seed is what will open the way for your assignment to speak. It will announce your destiny beyond your expectations. Your seed will open the gate of heaven for the outpouring of God's favor and blessing upon your life. Your seed can deliver you from the attack of the enemy. 

Please don't eat your seed, whatever you have can be your seed, sow it in the appropriate soil and watch how things begin to change for good in your life. This is not a religious practice but God's covenant way of blessing people. The Bible says "there is a blessing in giving than receiving". Naturally or logically, you can't give and increase, but God says "His ways are higher than our ways, and His thought than our thoughts". 

Many believers are short of one or two of these three things but trust me, you need the three to be successful in life. Remember success is not measured by money, cars, or houses built, but by your accomplishments, your impact on people's life and society at large about God's agenda.

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