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Ask God For Good Health And Prosperity With These Powerful Prayers

The benefits of good health and prosperity in one's life cannot be overemphasized and that's why God has made everything possible only through prayers and fasting. So, if you require good health and wellness compiled with abundance prosperity, says these powerful prayers on a daily basis.

1. Dear God, giver of bread and butter, I bless you for your heavenly kindness, there can be no femine while the bread of heaven endures. Help me to remember that when I am forgetful of your everlasting kindness.

How blessed it is to know that I shall not want forever, as you will not allow your child to go without bread.

2. Lord, happy and greatful I am, you are the planner of my daily feast. As I eat of the bread of heaven, I shall continue to prosper in any ramification. Dear Lord, feed me until I shall want no more.

3. I thank you Lord for your generosity and kindness in my life, and I ask that you hear me in this period of financial need. Make me worthy of your blessings and keep me from further want.

4. Help me restore your abundance of blessings in my life on earth, so that I may turn more attention to your glorious wisdom and understanding. I have worked so hard not because I have the energy and strength, but because I have faith in you. Grant me this wish, and make me worthy of your divine kingdom in Jesus name Amen.

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