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How God Fights Our Battles Effortlessly

There is no child of God that won't face any battle in his/her lifetime. The problem we have even as Christians is that we don't allow God fight our battles, we chose to fight the battles ourselves.

When the King of Judah and his people were threatened by a large army, they took the battle to the Lord in prayer and fasting. The Lord told them "...Don't be afraid or discouraged by this great army because the battle isn't yours. It belongs to God "(2 Chronicles 20).

The Lord instructed them on what to do and they won the battle without fighting. They won the battle by praising God and He went ahead of them to fight the battle.

What about King Hezekiah? Sennacherib was a great king who has captured many kingdoms. He sent his emissaries to the land of Judah to inform them of his imminent invasion. The emissaries came and threatened the people and insulted the God of Israel. They told the people that their God cannot save them from Sennacherib.

The king and his people prayed to God for deliverance and the Lord promised them victory. The Lord spoke through the prophet Isaiah that Sennacherib will not enter into Judah nor will he shoot an arrow there. True to God’s words, we know He never lies, Sennacherib never entered into the land of Judah. He received a news from home which made him turn back to his land.

I'm a living witness of God's mercy and deliverance. He has delivered me from so many battles ranging from eating in the dream, sickness, spiritual attacks, lack, discouragement, negative mindset to mention a few.

There is no battle God cannot fight, we only need to trust Him and completely surrender to Him. When you draw closer to God, He fights all your seen and unseen battles.

If you want God to fight for you, have a particular time each day where you spend time with God. You must be consistent in doing this. This time is not for long prayers. All you need to do is to worship, praise and study the Bible. As you do this consistently, you will grow in the knowledge of God and you will see how God will begin to transform your life.

You don't need to go from church to church seeking deliverance. You only need to have time for God and allow Him take charge of your life. Who delivers the pastors and the prophets? Is it not God? Take your battles to Him today by seeking to know Him and watch Him fight for you.

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