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Say These Short Six Prayer Points Before You Sleep Tonight (20/07/2020)

Lord of the heavens we bless your holy and powerful name for your ending and supernatural love you have for us, making us see the closing of the day and giving us a hope for a better tomorrow God accept our gratitude in Jesus name.

Say amen to these prayer points and sleep tonight

1. Oh Lord protect me from all evil and spiritual attacks planned by the devil on me this night in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord replenish my faith in you so I can believe in you alone and not be swayed by the devil in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord all my works today bless it in abundance so I can be fruitful and multiply in my endeavors in Jesus name.

4. Oh Lord I commit all my family members and loved ones all over the world into your hands this night protect and guide them in Jesus name.

5. Oh Lord any source or origin of bitterness and sorrow in my life this night before dawn change it into my source of happiness and joy in Jesus name.

6. Oh Lord I know I am a sinner God forgive me and wash me in the holy blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

Stay blessed and rest well for in Jesus most precious name we pray, amen!

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