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God told me to Build with him a people of envy, says Bishop David Oyedepo.

Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo is the founder of the Living faith church worldwide (also known as, winners chapel). He is a man who is an epitome of wealth, affluence and success. See pictures below.

In one of his meetings (that is church daily devotion) which is captured "Covenant hour of Prayer", he stated categorically that God told him to raise with him a people to be much envied.

He went further to state that when this word was given about 24years ago, he and the ministry did not look like it. Hence, he pursued tirelessly to see this mandate fulfilled. 

Without ambiguity, one can testify that this mandate has come to the limelight today. A larger percentage of his  members in every nation are enviable.

Not only is he successful, his followers are too. This is not gimmicks or a short cut to success. His teachings contain precise steps to climb up to a platform of an enviable destiny. If there is one thing I love about him, it is his passion to bring scriptural truths that makes for the excelling of mankind.

He never for once negates the concept of hard work. According to him "hardwork is an escape route for a hard life". Though many persons misinterpret his messages and tag it "Prosperity sermons", but in reality, these sermons are deep spiritual truths.

One day, I stumbled upon an information that this man sleeps for a maximum of five hours daily. This alone was like a fire in my heart. It was a challenge for me.

The aim of this article is to tell my fellow Christians to awake to responsibility. Christianity is not synonymous with stupidity, poverty and wretchedness. After stumbling upon this information, I unequivocally said that if this man was a business man, he would have still excelled.

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