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Easy and Practical Habits to imbibe, religiously on your Journey to Being Wealthy (Opinion)

As human beings, we all want to be rich, some have gone to the extend that they can anything to be wealthy. You don`t need to be in hurry to be rich, I will give some tips and habit you practice for your journey to be wealthy.

We know,God has already made some to be wealthy and some in the contrary, but, that should not discourage you, wake up and try to be among those that are destined to be wealthy.

Firstly, as a Christian, Muslim or any other religion you practices, you need to be constantly in observance of your religion obligations as when due, such as attending Church services for the my Christian brothers and sisters, for the Muslims always observe your five daily prayers in congregation.

Secondly, You need to be trustworthy in all your dealings with people irrespective of their religious affiliation, tribe or colour.

Thirdly, You need to inculcate the habit of helping others, no amount of help is small will elevate you and make your journey to be easier and faster. Don`t you ever be afraid of given out, because "Givers never lack".

Fourthly, Avoid unnecessary spend it will lead to be extravagant, because God says "Oh you who practice extravagant, you are agent of Satan, and you know Satan is you great enemy, so, avoid this path".

With practice of the above habits, I believe you journey to being worthy be a successful one.

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