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See 5 Times The "Dividing The Red Sea" Miracle Occurred In The Bible

Supernatural occurrences are one of the most commonly outstanding events that have been recorded in the Bible. Ranging from healing, natural miracle working to actual bending of the laws of physics and nature.

In the scriptures, one of the most popular miracles of bending the laws of nature is the art of parting great bodies of water.

Oh, that feeling you'll get while walking in the midst of two walls made of totally water, imagining it alone is so breath taking.

But hey, did you know these great event occur 5 times in the history of the world?

Here are the 5 times it happened:

1) When God was creating the earth:

The first was done by the Creator HIMSELF, when HE separated the waters in the heavens from that on the earth. You can find this in the book of Genesis 1:6–7.

2) When Moses led our predecessors to the land of Cannan(present day Israel):

When people talk about dividing of great bodies of water, the most likely event to pop into a your mind is the moses and the red sea event. But actually, this is the second time that has occurred in the history of the world. This event is recorded in the book of Exodus 14:15–22.

3) When Joshua took over the leadership of Israel from Moses:

The third time history records such event is in the period when Joshua was guiding the children of our ancestors through the the wilderness. This is sited in the book of Joshua 3:5 through Joshua 4:18.

4) When The Prophet who flown up in chariot walked on the face of the earth:

One of the most popular Prophets in the history of the world is known to be the one who called down fire from heaven, Elijah. But did you know he also parted the Jordan river to make way for him and Elisha? Well, now you know. Look it up in the book of 2 Kings 2:5–9. This marks the fourth time a great body of water has been divided to make way for the children of God.

5) When Elisha was returning from the place where Elijah ascended:

That's right, on his way back he re-tweeted the sound of the powerful path of spiritual authority Elijah had left him. I'd say "He learned well", you'll find the event in 2 Kings 2:12–15.

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