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Stop Doing These Bad Habits In The Toilet (Read below)

As a Muslim, we should realize that our religion is one that shows us how to do everything. We should realize that Islam contacts all parts of human life, beginning from home you supplicate, how you eat, how you talk, how you rest, how you utilize the latrine and each other thing you can consider.

Islam even shows us how to sit and how to rest. These are portions of the ethics and delights of Islam.

We will show us not many of the things that we don't observe, particularly those things that are negative behavior patterns that we do in latrine. Just hardly any individuals know these:

1. Try not to Enter With Left Leg: Lots of individuals don't have the foggiest idea about this. They simply go into the latrine with any leg. This is an unfortunate propensity, it would be ideal if you how about we stop it

2. Try not to TALK: it is precluded to talk while in the latrine. This is a demonstration which was evaded by the Prophet during his time. It is likewise an unfortunate propensity we as a whole need to stop.

3. Try not to TAKE ANYTHING THAT HAS ALLAH'S NAME WRITTEN ON IT: abstain from going into the latrine with anything with Allah's name composed on it. Be it the Qur'an, a material, a book or anything at all which Allah's name is composed.

4. Try not to STAY TOO LONG: This is likewise a negative behavior pattern. We should not remain in the latrine for a really long time.

5. USE WATER OR STONE OR LEAF NOT TISSUE: Yeah, this is as per the instructing of the Prophet. We should observe.

6. Venture OUT WITH YOUR RIGHT LEG: heaps of us are not aware of this as well. It is significant. We should observe.

Well ve halting here for the time being. I comprehend that it is difficult to be a Muslim and adhere to all the guidelines, we should simply continue attempting.

We should endeavor more abd more. May Allah make it simple. May He make all of us mates of the Paradise, Aljannatu. Aaamin.

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