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Say This Bible Verses and Prayers To The Lord Before Going Out Today, 16th June 2020.

Good morning my dear companions. It is another delightful morning and we say thanks to God for permitting us to see this lovely and magnificent day. May his name be profoundly lifted up in Jesus name. It is significant we submit our today exercises to God through supplications. The following are some of books of scriptures sections I chose for us today. May God open our brain to comprehend his words and give us the elegance to live in agreement to his words in our lives in Jesus name. 

Book of scriptures Refrains. 

1.James 4:6 

"Yet, he gives us more beauty. That is the reason Sacred text says: "God contradicts the glad however shows favor to the humble." 

2.Proverbs 16:3 

" Focus on the Master whatever you do, and he will set up your arrangements". 

3.Psalm 86:9 

"All the countries you have made will come and love before you, Ruler; they will carry wonder to your name" . 

4.Luke 21:19-19 

"Be that as it may, not a hair of your head will die. Stand firm, and you will win life" . 


- for the sake of the dad and of the child and of the Essence of God. All-powerful, Inescapable, omniscience God. Much obliged to you father for your dependability and elegance that kept us. Much obliged to you for you are facing and winning our battle for us. Recieve our commendation and love at the beginning of today in Jesus name. 

- Father answer us currently, Master! We have lost all expectation. Try not to conceal yourself from us, or we will be among the individuals who go down to the universe of the dead. Recall us every morning of your consistent love, for we put our trust in you.Our petitions go up to you; show us the manner in which we ought to go. In Jesus powerful name 

- Let paradise inconvenience each individual or gathering who have taken what has a place with us for the sake of Jesus. 

- Let each resilient individual in our life, family or condition who will not discharge our gifts, forward leap, supernatural occurrence advancement or successes be visited by catastrophes and be compelled to discharge our legacy by the Heavenly attendants of God for the sake of Jesus Christ. 

- Master, discharge our partner to come to us now, for the sake of Jesus Christ. 

- Father as we start the day exercises in your name. May we end it in your name in Jesus name. 

- Thank you Father for the addressed petitions Thank you for we are winning the clash of Crown infection . Much obliged to you for the accomplishment of the immunization, father in your name we render this infection weak in Jesus name. 

- No evil will see us today, we will leave our home in harmony and return back in harmony with Thanksgiving in our souls in Jesus name. We make every one of these petitions through christ our Master. For the sake of the dad and of the child and of the Essence of God. 

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