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Checkout 4 Powerful Benefits Of 'Sadaqa' That Will Help In Solving Some Top Nigeria's Challenges

"Checkout 4 Powerful Benefits Of 'Sadaqa' That Will Help In Solving Some Top Nigeria Challenges"

Righteousness is an essential part of human nature. It is true that human feel very pleasant when giving a Sadaqa or charity to the needy. This kindness and compassion are among the reason why mankind remain exist on the earth surface; otherwise it would never survive if all of them were cruel and spiteful.

Sadaqa or charity is a way of donating money or property to the needy for the sake of Allah.

Every righteousness is considered as 'sadaqa' in Islam. The word sadaqa is an Arabic word which simply means 'charity'.

Below are some of the types of sadaqa you should know about.

The religion of Islam greatly emphasize on the important of sadaqa. This article is here to encourage for the need of sadaqa as well as remind the populace on the powerful benefits of sadaqa that will help in solving some top Nigeria challenges during this hard time.

Below are the benefits: 

1. It Protect Against Hardship

A hadith from prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was reported that " Give charity without delay, for it stand in the way of calamity" Narrated by Tirmidhi.

The hadith above means that given charity will stand it way of preventing harm and suffering among the populace. 

Considering the current situation in Nigeria where insecurity and economic hardship prevail, practicing of this goodness i.e charity will directly help in reducing such security and economic hardship.

2. Charity Increases Wealth Of Donor

It was narrated by Muslim that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said "Charity does not decrease wealth".

Since charity involve the act of giving, that does not mean your wealth is decreasing. Whatever you spent in the way of Allah, will never be loss. In fact, it will increase your wealth.

At the current time, which the Federal Government had announced recession, giving charity by the affluents to the needy will directly help in increasing the wealth of the donor and also satisfy the need of the poor. 

This will help to reduce the poverty level in the country and at the same time increase the wealth of affluents. Therefore, economy will expand and recession will go.

3. Charity Gives Positive And Fair Reasoning 

Charity remind us of the obligations in the social aspect by being fair to those who need help and those that are in distress. This will help to increase the sympathetic feeling of individuals on the need to consider someone else issues as own issues.

Taking Nigeria as a case study, where we have diversity of cultures and tribes, charity will help in providing sensitivity and sympathy to all individuals irrespective of tribes and cultural differences.

This will foster peace and development in the country and achieved what is called a united Nigeria.

4. Charity Get Blessings 

Surely Almighty God will give blessings to those that give charity. However, the blessings can be in any way, either through your businesses, health, family's or in the hereafter. 

It is no doubt that Nigeria need blessings of Almighty God, particularly in the current situation. Therefore, to get blessings of Almighty God, we must often give charity.

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