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The True Meaning Of Jacob's Fight With An Angel: Important Lesson From Jacob's Encounter With A God

Hosea 12:4

Yes, he struggled with the Angel and prevailed; He wept and sought favor from Him. He found Him in Bethel, And there He spoke to us—

Although there is a debate about the man he encountered was an angel or God. But since angels come bearing the message of God, we might as well call them a representation of God.

We usually interpret the fight between Jacob and that angel as a bid to simply get the favor of an angel.

If you really think about Jacob's fight with an angel, you will realize that it wasn't a fight, it was a test of will. The Bible spoke of a man who fought an angel, he met a man who he later realized was an angel and he named that spot, that land where his faith was tested, panuel (Facing God).

From the name Jacob gave to that land, you will see that he knew that he had an encounter with God. But somehow, he faced God and wasn't harmed, he faced God, in a battle that lasted hours and was able to stand his ground.

The question is, can a man fight and take an angel? Can a man stand an angel? The answer is obvious, No!

However, Jacob stood toe to toe with an angel. In my opinion, it wasn't the angel's intention to harm or defeat Jacob, it wasn't his intention to crush Jacobs's spirit. It was to test his will and thirst for blessings.

When Jacob demanded that the angel stay, the angel could have simply apparated, the angel could have overpowered Jacob and went on his way. But he stayed and fought Jacob, he wanted to see how far Jacob was willing to go for what he wants. The angel tested Jacobs's will, his hunger, his thirst, and ended up blessing Jacob.

To assume that things will come easy without a test of your will, your faith, and your hunger for it is completely sad. There is no free gift, not even with belief.

God will not give without a test of how well you are deserving, he will not give without a test of your hunger for your request. Believe me, God wants to know how hungry you are, he wants to see how willing you are. So the question is, how willing are you? How far are you willing to go? Can you battle an angel?


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